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AppGameKit/AppGameKit Studio Showcase / Code Analyzer - Line Counter - Function Lister (open source)

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Posted: 20th Sep 2013 21:06
This program will give you various stats on you project files as well as a list of function defined in each file.
Just copy your code files to this app's media/files directory, run the analysis and you'll get a CSV file full of goodies.
It will only search through one level of folders, so
is NOT ok

Stats include:
# of files in the project
Total Lines in the project
Total lines of code in the project
lines of code to total lines ratio
Each file shows
- # of functions
- total lines
- # of code lines
- # of comments
- # chars in comments
- # of chars in code
- list of the functions, their parameters, output, and location

This was inspired by Clonkex's line counter and my desire to clean up my project structure a bit. I'm not necessarily liking where I've put some function definitions in my current game - they may make better sense elsewhere. So I really needed a list to look at to figure out where to put what.

I've only tested this lightly and probably missed a few things as I'm running low on sleep.It is only tested on code that contains very few colon separated lines, so if you use a lot of colons to separate lines then there might be issues, but I've not found any yet.

Feel free to update this code and repost your changes here so others can benefit.


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