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Bug Reports / DBPro pops up a message, then closes (in 8.1).

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Joined: 4th Oct 2003
Posted: 8th Oct 2013 18:19
If anyone is using Windows 8.1 (RTM), or if 8.1 is the same as 8, that's the operating system that I'm currently using.

So I'm running the latest version of DBPro (7.7), and a message shows up saying compatibility mode is on and it needs to be turned off. So I right click and select properties, it turns out that compatibility mode is not even turned on, and it still won't open. I turn on compatibility mode, same thing.

So is there a way to fix this problem? I would like to get it activated and running.
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Joined: 24th Oct 2013
Posted: 28th Oct 2013 07:38

i have the same problem. My solution was to deinstall everything and install the free edition of DBPro. You can activate the DBPro Free Edition to the full edition.

Now you have DBPro with update 1.071. Download now the upgrade 7.2,7.3 and 7.4 and install it. After that you can install 7.5, 7.6 and 7.61.
But with upgrade 7.5 the error came back. Now you can find in the directory of DBPro in the subdirectory Editor the exefile EditorU74.exe (or something similar, but not EditorNew.exe). Rename EditorNew.exe to something and EditorU74.exe to EditorNew.exe

Now it should work.


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Posted: 29th Oct 2013 07:49
Check the EDITOR Folder in dbpro for EditorU73.exe.
Use EditorU73 in place of EditorNew. EditorU73.exe will run in win 8.1
EditorU73.exe was introduced in update 7.3

This works for me.

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Posted: 9th Jul 2014 23:36
Actually just download this...

There are a few identified bugs but they are in my view not so severe...

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