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Work in Progress / Medusa Pro - a rock model creator from HPTWare

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Joined: 27th Nov 2007
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Posted: 26th Oct 2013 17:23 Edited at: 26th Oct 2013 17:24
We at HPTWare are in the final stages of development of Medusa Pro - a rock model creator for Dark Basic (and developed in Dark Basic). Medusa can turn any shape into a realistic looking rock model and has a wealth of functions including bevel, crack and fold as well as per vertex editing to allow you to generate models for your application that suit your needs. Just like our other product, Forester Pro the tree creator for DB, Medusa automatically generates generates X format models and example code to use in your project. Medusa even features a batch creator allowing hundreds of randomized models to be created at one time. Medusa generates rocks based on real geological principles (finally the geologist on the team is useful).

An example of a couple of models generated by Medusa Pro are shown below. Each model is generated randomly at the click of a button (actually two clicks).

The scene below shows what Medusa Pro can do (even with our limited scene creating abilities). Creating the models and the scene took less than 20 minutes. The trees shown were created using our other product Forester Pro and are from the snow trees template pack.

We will keep you posted and hope to announce the release of Medusa in the next couple of months. In the meantime Forester Pro can be downloaded from our website and includes a free version. The registered version of Forester Pro is $20. We expect that Medusa will also have a free version and a registered version with a pocket friendly price tag...after guys and gals working in basements on a shoe-string have to stick together.

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Kingius Returns
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Joined: 17th Oct 2013
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Posted: 27th Oct 2013 14:21
Looks very good.
Chris Ritchie
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Joined: 7th Jan 2006
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Posted: 29th Oct 2013 03:16
From what I can see you have a customer, well done.

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Joined: 15th Feb 2008
Posted: 29th Oct 2013 04:27
Those are some solid rocks

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