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Dark Physics & Dark A.I. & Dark Dynamix / Command "AI Set Entity Attack Distance" not working

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Posted: 2nd Nov 2013 16:32 Edited at: 3rd Nov 2013 20:13

I'm tiring to set how close an AI has to be to attack. The game uses swords so I set the attack range to be right in front of the player with "AI Set Entity Attack Distance"

Problem is is that no effect seems to take place. Using the "AI get entity can see" and "AI Get Entity Can Fire" commands I see that as soon as the player is in there line of sight they can attack right off the bat.

I can work around this. But I would much rather use the native AI commands.



well I redid that chunk of code and now it seems to work. I can't figure out what was different, But that's how programing goes sometimes I guess.

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