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Work in Progress / [LOCKED] Cocos2Dx programmers needed to finish a game demo

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Joined: 9th Nov 2013
Posted: 9th Nov 2013 18:56
Hey guys, we are on the lookout for coders for a mobile demo; a very simple but fun side shooter. The role offered has no compensation (that is the condition for all of the team members working on it), but you will get employment after if - we work successfully together finishing the demo and the game get's financed or already makes money on iTunes. The project is estimated to be lean and needs to be completed within 2 months. It has been already running for 4 weeks you will work together with our lead programmer. The coders should have experience in working with mobile platform will now ms and be familiar with cocos2D and cocos2D-X. Please contact us at with your CV and links to your works.
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Joined: 17th Mar 2011
Posted: 21st Nov 2013 23:58
Oh wow what a great opportunity, where do I sign up!?
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Joined: 5th Dec 2010
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Posted: 22nd Nov 2013 13:48
Can I just say....... where are all the Mods?

Van B
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Joined: 8th Oct 2002
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Posted: 22nd Nov 2013 14:31
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