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FPSC Classic Models and Media / Free SoundFX ~ Scifi/underwater/door knock.

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Posted: 11th Nov 2013 12:38
Hey I'm young (17) and keen to work in the audio world professionally someday!
I need some practice
I don't think these effects are at all bad, don't get me wrong, but I am still figuring out how to make them all and it's been a long hard process and I just have 6 ambient scenes / Sound FX.
They're all just ideas, kinda demos of what I can do, but I decided it'd be really handy if someone could try them out with FPSC and tell me if they work.
The sounds in the ZIP I have linked are~

Glass or Underwater knock ~ A knock coming through glass, could be used for a window or a world like Bioshock's rapture.

Glass or Underwater Knocking ~ As above, a succession of 3 knocks.

SciFi Engine Break with Tension ~ A rising ambience leading to a large Engine Failure/ Explosion, then, silince.

Space Station Eutopia ~ Ambience, I imagine a space station over-run with exotic alien plants and insects. Still with the ships hum.

Underwater Knocking Booming ~ A succession of 3 knocks, as above. Except they have a booming low end to them which tails off into silence.

Wooden Door Knock ~ A succession of someone knocking at the front door. I thought I should make it just incase no one happens to be underwater or in space.

D O W N L O A D :

***I'll also TRY requests!***
Please note these are not full ambiences, if you like what you hear and want a longer one for your game, feel free to just ask in this thread, and I will make it to the length you like.
Also if you use my sound it'd be cool to see it in action, so upload to YouTube if you want
And of course use them to your hearts content. No stupid copyright stuff.
-Have fun!

We love creativity! If you want to join in on the fun search us on the FACEBOOKS!

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