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FPSC Classic Models and Media / Bar Model Pack for FPSC

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Joined: 7th Sep 2013
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Posted: 11th Nov 2013 21:21 Edited at: 12th Nov 2013 22:03
Hi everyone!

I would like to present my first model pack, which I have created some time ago for FPSC. For few months all of the models are available to buy via TGC Store, but now I would like to make a single pack of all of them together. This pack contains 55 models, which can be used to create nice, modern-designed bar scenery. Here is the full list of models:

6 Bottles
5 Chairs
2 Cups
2 Glasses
5 Gambling attractions: Roulette, darts and dart board, cards, dices
4 Tables: gambling table, table for guests and 2 variants of pool table
2 types of shelves: Standing and hanging
Cleaning equipment: Bucket, broom, dustpan, mop
Bar area: Bar, barman stand, beer barrel, faucet, lamp
Service equipment: Beer pad, mug, ashtray, spoon, mat
Hanging attractions: Animated fan, ceiling lamp, TV
Additional models: Donout, drink with umbrella, cigarettes
Modern-desing bar segment
Interior doors
Toilet and toilet booth
Extra model: Corner bar entry

Below you can see some screenshots:

Here is a video, showing a simple level, created with these models:

If you are interested, you can buy this pack here!.

Undergound Bar MP is coming!
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Joined: 3rd Dec 2010
Posted: 17th Nov 2013 15:04
Thanks - purchased.
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Posted: 21st Nov 2013 10:53
Nicely done

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