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FPSC Classic Models and Media / Directx export, Smooth problem

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Posted: 3rd Dec 2013 22:59 Edited at: 15th Dec 2013 20:26

I'm using Directx 9 exporter (from Kira Vakaan) and it's really good, but I have a big problem with model smooth group.

In FPSC, my weapon model appears in Solid shape. I have no idea what is wrong, or what Im doing wrong. I'm using phong shader, textures are in place (.dds, _D,_N,_S), in fact, shader doesn't work properly (Even If textures are merged (hands with weapon) it still doesn't work). I'm using bone animation (no weight). Export with Fragmotion also do not helps.

Anybody know how to fix it ?


Ok, problem solved

I combined two textures into one. Later, I saved the file without material


I changed the textures names to default names ( gun_ ), and I added

textured =
texturen =
textures =

and it works

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