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Work in Progress / [LOCKED] Ghost Master 2 Fan Made

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Joined: 7th Dec 2013
Posted: 7th Dec 2013 18:02
Project name: Ghost Master 2
Genre: Real-time strategy
Engine: UDK

Ghost Master - this game with top view, where you need to be a master of ghosts. This game was interesting in past (Metacritic rated at 81 points) and was published on famous platforms as PC, Xbox and PS2. And when I passaged game we decided that I should continue this game.
Good knowledge of UDK, and familiar programmer pushed me to continue it. We hadn't any problem with base for this game, but now base of scripts and gameplay almost finished, and we understood that we need to make a team. But before we decided write to rights owner. It wasn't so easy how I thought. Because game was bought repeatedly. After some letters I find them. For now it's StrategyFirst. I wrote them, and after not so long time of talk Emanuel Wall (CEO of StreategyFirst) put forward two conditions under which they are willing to fund the development:
1) That we need to make a team for development. (People who can repeat this game on new engine at first)
2) And we must to make a demo for them.

And so we want to invite people for this project
We wait:
- programmers UnrealScript
-UnrealScript very similar to JavaScript and C
- 3D-Artists
- Animator (We plan to use markerless motion capture with Microsoft's technology - Kinect)

Small "Work in progress" videos:


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Location: Sweden
Posted: 7th Dec 2013 18:55
Hi and welcome to the forums.
I kind of wonder what mod approved this post since I'm pretty certain another one will come along and lock it before long; any projects not created using TGCs products may only be posted on the Geek Culture board and team requests are generally disallowed unless you can prove that you have a substantial base for the project and intend to carry through with it no matter what. Your videos do show some decent progress so perhaps it will qualify though.

Anyway, good luck

"Why do programmers get Halloween and Christmas mixed up?"

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