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Code Snippets / [DBP] - 3D Sound system

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Posted: 8th Dec 2013 01:27 Edited at: 11th Feb 2015 02:48
Basically, this is just an alternative system I've put together for DBPro's default 3D sound system (load 3dsound, position sound, etc). It has a few advantages over the standard system, like support for multiple listeners (which is useful for things like split-screen multiplayer games where one player might be close to a sound but the other isn't), and it works for pretty much any sound, not just mono ones.
It's not totally finished, and there are a couple of bugs, but I'll try and improve it soon!
Make sure you have Matrix1Utils! I'll try and remove it's dependency on that soon

Here's the command list:

And here's the code:
To stop it from polluting your code with a load of functions, it's probably best to put in a seperate .dba file and use #include to add it

And finally, a couple of bugs I know about:

Feel free to use it, modify it, improve it, eat it, teach it tricks... Do whatever you want

The code never bothered me anyway...

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