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FPSC Classic Models and Media / How to made a "Fake" third person camera with a character instead of a weapon?

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Joined: 6th Apr 2011
Posted: 13th Dec 2013 02:38
Hello everyone, I know, It is technically impossible to play in third person on the engine FPS Creator (Rason by the so called "First Person Shooter Creator"), Wolf commented me to do an "effect" of play in third person, using as a graph of "character" instead of one "arm and gun", and try with "FPSC Toolkit" but I can not animate the character, and this is completely solid, no movement, at least tell me how to make this move, thanks and hope not to be too demanding, thanks.

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Posted: 13th Dec 2013 16:08
I may be wrong here, but I'm thinking this character is a "hud"? If so, are you wanting to make as animated
"hud" as your character?

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