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Dark GDK / dbPlayObject() and dbLoopObject() - easy fix!

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Posted: 14th Dec 2013 18:40 Edited at: 15th Dec 2013 02:26
These commands were broken in the 2010 release of DarkGDK. They were trying to make it run faster, but forget to call the animation code in their new arrangement. So here's how YOU can call it yourself!

Add this command just before your dbSync() call.

To be able to call this function, you need to include its prototype before you call it. It actually belongs in DarkSDKBasic3D.h if you want to put it there. Here is the prototype:

That's it! This will reinstate your object animations.

To see how to fix it in the source code (what the revision that broke it forgot to do), it's #2, here:

You can also download the source code and compiled libraries (for your DarkGDK projects), where these functions, as well as dbLoadAnimation(), have been fixed.

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