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3 Dimensional Chat / T.Ed...Whats happened:?

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Joined: 19th May 2012
Posted: 30th Dec 2013 09:21
All in all I am a bit disgusted in this for those that bought it,the link to the software is now also to the forums as well...

Anyone know why this has happened,not good from a developer with no notice given as to the reason why....
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Joined: 8th Nov 2007
Location: Luxemburg
Posted: 30th Dec 2013 21:22
I don't know what T.Ed is. Its also not in TGC's product list.

I assume its a third party tool TGC sold on here that got discontinued.

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Joined: 24th Feb 2005
Location: nm usa
Posted: 31st Dec 2013 04:41
I bought ted if u can figure out the correct output settings it makes some very very beautiful landscapes.It is no longer available on the forums
but u can still download the demo. Yes however it is one of many of the products that i purchased from tgc that were already dead and outdated when bought no support, or replaced buy a better program. I still used cartography shop i think it was the precursor to 3d world studio. but i do believe ted is dead not even sure if u can register it when u install it now since it updated via internet. no longer work.

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Joined: 27th Nov 2003
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Posted: 1st Jan 2014 19:03
Yes I have Ted too, but I can make it export map file. it use to, but it does not now. can't find any tut. on it.

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