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FPSC Classic Models and Media / Shifting away from Turbosquid - I now sell through my new blog! Plus more surprises inside...

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Posted: 1st Jan 2014 23:38 Edited at: 3rd Jan 2014 02:10
Hey guys, its been a long time since I posted here...

Anyway, I have been thinking a lot lately about where to sell my 3d models and Turbosquid has been running dry lately in terms of profits.

I decided to shift the focus away from turbosquid and to my new blog which is available here:

Tricube Studios

There you can see when I will be posting new products, where you will be able to buy them through a great online service called Sellbox.

I thought this would be great for you guys here at TGC because unlike when I sold on turbosquid, you will no longer need any special accounts (besides a paypal account) to buy my products. It would open up my consumer base a great deal. You guys will also likely be able to pay less for some of my products as well. I also do not have to deal with royalty fees of turbosquid anymore and will be able to keep MUCH more of what I make to my self.

This does not mean that Turbosquid will be over with - I will still update my turbsquid account whenever I make something new. However, my sig button will soon be re-linked to my new blog, with an accompanying new pic.

I am going through the process of updating all of my media now, creating new product images, etc...

And as a little surprise, I have my first "new product"

I now am offering my old Scifi Textures 2.0 for nearly 20 percent less than on Turbosquid. To go buy it, visit my blog and click the link to go straight to Sellbox, where all you have to do is make a secure Paypal transaction.

Also, feel free to leave a comment on my blog as well.

Expect my more of my old media to be updated and maybe even some new stuff as well!

Oh, and I am still working on SCIFI 3 also, for those who were wondering...

Thanks and have a great one guys!

EDIT: I have also posted this on the FPSCR forums as well


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