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Work in Progress / [LOCKED] [WIP][2d] Endyr - play together! (or die alone)

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Joined: 5th Jan 2014
Location: Switzerland
Posted: 5th Jan 2014 21:24
Hello everyone! I'd like to introduce my HTML5 survival game called "Endyr". It features all of the following (and more):

* Realtime battles (use fists, swords, bows, throw knifes or axes, bombs, ...)
* Damage model (hit head/body/arms/legs with pierce/slash/fire/electro/etc.)
* Grid-based inventory (supporting bags-in-bags, bottles for liquids)
* Crafting (mine ore, melt to ingots, harvest wood, forge weapons)
* Inventing (use tools, workbenches and skills to create powerful items)
* Farming (grow plants, harvest food, cook dinner)
* Housing (build your house, put furniture in, get a pet)
* Pets (let animals fight for you, ride on horses, use pack-oxes to carry stuff)
* Adventure (explore the world, find secrets, meet NPCs)
* Lighting (light candles, hunt rare monsters only appearing in dark nights)
* Survival (stand against monsters, organize weapons and armor as well as food)
* RPG (become better in what you do, learn new skills, RP with other players)
* Writing (write in-game letters and books, give or sell them to other players)

My main goal is to create a game where cooperation between players is necessary for everyone to survive. For example, there will be a lot of monsters. So in order to craft better swords and armor the players need to dig for ore. While digging all miners need to be protected by other players. And overall, they all need food from either hunters or farmers. On top of that the crafting gets my special attention as I like crafting a lot. Oh and one more thing: Dead means dead and you'll have to create a new character. However, equipment may be retrieved by other players but getting your stuff back will remove the dead char from highscore - your decision.

Now some assorted screenshots for your viewing pleasure:

More details, screenshots and the alpha tester signup is found on the official website:
By the way: Endyr is still looking for pixel artist! If you're interested please contact me at

Thanks for your attention,


PS: For updates please watch Endyr on indiedb ( and keep an eye on the screenshots gallery ( once a week. - play together! (or die alone)
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Joined: 4th Apr 2003
Location: Gods own County, UK
Posted: 6th Jan 2014 09:38
This forum is for games created using TGC products.

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