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AppGameKit Classic Chat / Custom Soft Key Keyboard and text input boxes

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Posted: 15th Jan 2014 00:05
After having a number of complaints from users that my AppGameKit app is not accepting keyboard input (usually due to supplemental keyboard apps) and various bugs in the AppGameKit keyboard handler (possibly due to NDK) for Android I decided to create my own keyboard UI.

It works for raw keyboard input so Bluetooth keyboard support is there. I didn't provide full support for the numpad since AppGameKit doesn't fully support the numpad keys. Really the only one missing is / as it registers as 192 and that is the same as `

Arrow keys, function keys, home/end/insert/pg up/pg down/delete/ctrl/alt are not supported as they do not produce text. So basically you just have to edit text by backspace in text input boxes. It might be nice to support arrow keys/home/end/delete in the future. It is also only in portrait mode and uses the percentage based coordinate system for AppGameKit (though it should be pretty easy to convert to Virtual if on wants).

The project is open for anyone else to add to if they think of some functionality that might be nice like more advanced editing.

I've tried to model it after the Android KitKat keyboard as much as possible because I think it looks sleek and it matches the UI for Wordspionage.

I hope it is useful to some of you and I those of you who have keyboard input in your AppGameKit apps consider using it because I've had a lot of complaints from users who've had issues with text input and I'd hate to see anyone losing users because the text input in their app isn't working.

Please let me know if you see any bugs.


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