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FPSC Classic Scripts / Character problem

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Joined: 16th Nov 2007
Posted: 22nd Jan 2014 04:13
I have not used fps for some years so I've forgotten many things.
I've created a character in 3dmax transferred through pandax, but in Fps it does not animate, just stays in the 1st position and follows the way points. I have check the animation in Fragnotion and it seems to work.
I don't know if it is a script or model problem, but i think its the script.
I used the same script as the Aiko character. but i have notice that the zombie script is minus this
effect = effectbank\bumpbone\bumpbone.fx
If I use this code my character disappears leaving only the shadow.
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Joined: 19th Feb 2012
Location: Hendersonville,NC
Posted: 22nd Jan 2014 19:11
Hi NSB1815
If you checked the animation in Fragmotion and all
checks out ok then it must be your script/scripts.
Double check your ".fpe" file again for correct animations frames.
Your script may be pointing to the wrong animation#?
As for the shaders, try using the ones in the "ps_2_0" folder.
But the "bumpbone.fx" works fine for me.
By chance what version fpsc are your using? There have been some problems with shaders in past.

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