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FPSC Classic Scripts / Condition for player GETTING damage?!

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Joined: 18th Jan 2007
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Posted: 20th Feb 2014 15:54
Hi all!

I know that there are various conditions for checking if enemies and entities are getting damaged, but what about the player?

Is there a condition that checks if the player gets hurt at the moment? and how high this damage is?

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Joined: 19th Feb 2012
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Posted: 20th Feb 2014 17:16
Hi Ertlov
Do you mean something like "PLRHEALTHGREATER=X or PLRHEALTHLESS=X"
Would that help you?

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Posted: 20th Feb 2014 17:19 Edited at: 20th Feb 2014 17:21
Quote: "Is there a condition that checks if the player gets hurt at the moment?"

Other than the conditions "plrhealthgreater/less", I did not see any other conditions that check the player damage (checked r773). There is "shotdamage", but that refers to entities. We had to add conditions ourselves to check player damage and (in effect) separated health and damage of the player.

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Posted: 26th Feb 2014 00:11 Edited at: 26th Feb 2014 00:14
You can set a custom variable at start of game as player health (once) then have routine check to see if that value is any less than the player's actual health value playerhealthless = "custom variable".

Once it is lower, you can compare its value with the player health to generate a damage value.


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