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Dark GDK / Input for new collision library

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Joined: 22nd Jan 2004
Posted: 21st Feb 2014 06:48
I've been using Sparky's for a while on a project I'm working on, and, while effective, it really has been kind of clunky, for lack of a better phrase. So after some deliberation, I decided to begin my own collision library, one that can hopefully rival sparky's and others (or it'll just be a good learning experience).

I have all of the math worked out for raycasting with box, ellipsoid, and polygon collision objects, and will next be working out casting boxes, ellipsoids, and polygon objects as well. So far, there are no "heavy" commands (trig functions, exponents, radicals, etc). Just the basic 4 arithmetic functions (+-/*), with the exception of ellipsoid, which has two square roots (would be 1, except for a +/- operator).

While I'm still in the planning phase, I was wondering what features you guys would think would be important (as it's easier to build it right the first time rather than trying to go back and upgrade it later).

The plan is
Cast: ray, box, ellipsoid, polygon
Detect Against: box, ellipsoid, polygon

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