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Dark GDK / windows 8 dark gdk installation problems

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Joined: 23rd Feb 2014
Posted: 23rd Feb 2014 05:10
Trying to install dark gdk with Visual Studio Express 2013, and Directx SDK 9.2. When installing GDK, it says it doesn't detect either one, and I can't get the Visual Studio to detect any of the game templates. Any idea whats going on? Do I have to go back to the old versions of these things?
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Joined: 29th May 2007
Posted: 23rd Feb 2014 14:42
Ye the installation pretty sucks.
1.) If you want to use it with VS13, you need the DGDK Lib compiled with VS13.

Like this: (just for '13. but maybe this '12 is working, try it.)

2.) Install GDK as usual. (Ignore the Template and other stuff)

3.) Copy the new ('12) Lib (and include?) files over the installed GDK Files

4.) Tricky Part:
The templates doesn't work. Copy a sample project, erase all the "sample stuff" code out of it.
Setup the Lib / Include Path in the project settings like in the 2008 tutorial (at the install page).
Use this project.

Or Setup a whole new project, but you have to know how to setup all project options.

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