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Dark GDK / DarkGDK, Questions

Dragon slayer
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Joined: 3rd Nov 2006
Location: Bourbonnais Illinois
Posted: 1st Mar 2014 16:45
Not sure what to do. I see that is now free. I have been learning some C++ and using darkGDK. I know DarkGDK can be used with C#. I have been playing around with C# but don't know a whole lot about the net framework. I don't know a lot about either.

I posted this here instead of the DarkGDK forum in hopes that it may get answered quicker. Things are really dead there. The tutorials are gone. Can you use C++ with I have seen yes and no. So I am not sure how to proceed. Continue with c# and, c++ and or just C++ and DarkGDK. or C# and XNA.

Things seem pretty dead over in the forums and like I said the 25 tutorials that were supposed to be over there are now gone so it it worth getting into it or not.

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Joined: 23rd May 2009
Location: Russia
Posted: 1st Mar 2014 20:53
1) C++ and DarkGDK
2) C# and
3) C# and XNA

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