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3 Dimensional Chat / Help with making a for loop for walls

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Joined: 8th Nov 2013
Posted: 5th Mar 2014 17:06
Hey I am working on a game and making walls that are taking up too much lines of code and I need a way to make a for loop for the walls but do not know how to....Help Please?

the loop is so you can move around and see stuff please help

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Posted: 20th Mar 2014 17:30 Edited at: 20th Mar 2014 17:30
Top wall? Floor wall? Not exactly sure how you're designing your walls, or how they're positioned. Can't you just make 4 boxes, one for each wall, then tile it's texture?

Here's an example of building a rectangular room:

If your walls needs to have multiple segments then a FOR loop is what you're after:

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