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FPSC Classic Scripts / Passenger script

Avenging Eagle
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Joined: 2nd Oct 2005
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Posted: 6th Mar 2014 22:31 Edited at: 6th Mar 2014 22:32
Is there a way to parent the player's view to that of an entity but still give him/her the ability to use the mouse to look around? I'm trying to create the illusion of the player being driven by another character. The entitycam command seems to work pretty nicely but the camera is fixed to the entity's rotation, not free-look.

I've tried camrotationon=1 but that didn't work. I even tried a loop involving plrmoveto to keep the player glued to the entity but that seems to bug out the entity's waypoint system, even with coloff.

In an ideal world, I'd have a command to give the player about 150-degrees of camera movement within the car so they can't look behind them. I tried the lockemplacement command too, but to no avail.

Am I missing something here? Any commands I missed?

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Posted: 8th Mar 2014 04:25
Avenging Eagle
Yes, the "entitycam" and "camrotation" is a bit tricky. But I use
a little trick that might work for you. If you (the player) are sitting right behind the npc-character in a car, just offset the
player-cam forward a bit. Mouse movement then still works fine.

Walk up behind a character running this script and test. Might
have to adjust the "z" offset. There is another that can limit
the field of view.
See if this works out for you.

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