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3 Dimensional Chat / Help needed! LWO model

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Joined: 13th Jun 2007
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Posted: 8th Mar 2014 15:20 Edited at: 9th Mar 2014 02:10

I need some help with the attached model:

I can\'t convert it to object as it seems to have some kind of smoothing effect which also increases the polys too much:

I would like to eventually convert this to UV mapped.

Help needed to:

1. Remove the smoothing effect / reduce poly count
2. Convert to UV mapped / textured (with separate turret)


[edit] forget this - managed to sort it out myself after a few hours of head scratching - the issue was sub patching.

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Joined: 10th Mar 2014
Posted: 10th Mar 2014 03:15
Thanks for sharing

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