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FPSC Classic Models and Media / Best Character Creator and Animator tool

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Joined: 22nd Apr 2010
Posted: 8th Mar 2014 22:53
Hi I have a question to ask..

Since I want to make some models for my project and I want to have best possible animations for my characters I'm attmemting to find the right tool to use to make, texture and animate my models .

I wuold my models like as task force 341 animations if possible
(Can I eventually use animations from TS 341 to animate other models??)

I'm not very well to modelling so I need some tool that help me..
googling on net I found some tools

Enhanched Animation

henry character creation toolkit

character shop

and fpsc toolbox that include Character Creation System

and I want to know if whit any of these tools can I modifiy and make realistics animations for other fps creator models I have from my model packs or for other models I want to import into fps creator..
Obviously if you have other and better tools ...tell me please...

any help is appreciated

thanks in advance and sorry for my bad english


I saw Mixamo fuse make all for me but it's too expensive..are any other tools like that??
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Joined: 24th Feb 2008
Posted: 9th Mar 2014 00:09
I think Animer is an essential tool, you should check out

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Joined: 22nd Apr 2010
Posted: 9th Mar 2014 09:26
thanks.. I forgotten it...

but animer is only for animation right??
i Need something can make model for me too..
FPSC Developer
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Joined: 3rd Jul 2009
Location: pittsburgh, pa.
Posted: 9th Mar 2014 17:54
I think fragmotion is one of the better tool to work with for fpsc.

It imports animated .x characters.
You can model in it
you can uv map in it
you can animate in it.
you can use bvh motions.
It's only $50.00

I have some video tutorials for download at my site located on joe's page.

just so you know, all modeling programs take time to learn and master. You have to put the time into learning it.

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Joined: 22nd Apr 2010
Posted: 10th Mar 2014 14:55
thanks ..I'll try it ....

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