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Dark GDK / choose what is detected first with sprite collision

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Joined: 7th Apr 2013
Posted: 11th Mar 2014 16:33 Edited at: 12th Mar 2014 02:35
i am making a game with multiple map. This means that when a section is left a new map is shown like in the old zelda games but with no scrolling. when the area is left, the sprites for that area are deleted for performance as if i did not delete them the game would have a low frame rate. but from deleting them meant that the order of the collision detection was different so sprites could go through walls as they were colliding with multiple things.
is there a way to change the order of collision detection or another why to increase the performance without deleting the sprites?

I have fixed the problem but mybe not in the best way. I delete and the create the sprite again so it stays in teh detection order
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Posted: 12th Mar 2014 15:43
Without code we can't help.

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