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FPSC Classic Scripts / Multiplayer - different weapon = different player model and player stats/abilities

fallen one
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Posted: 17th Mar 2014 13:46
Is it possible in multiplayer to use (weapons scripting) to change the player model and player abilities, like jump height, speed, melee attack damage, different health?

Player health damage carries over from one character to another, so say if your a man (you have been injured 10) so stats are at 90 out of 100 health , and you have changed character, you may be a troll that has 200 health, you would either have 90 health taken from the 200 leaving 110 total, or perhaps health is worked as a percentage which would be 10% damage, so you have 180 health.

Basically I want to have a multiplayer game that has the player use changing weapons feature to change character abilities, Im wondering what workarounds there are.

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