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AppGameKit Classic Chat / Online highscore system for your AGK games

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Joined: 26th Mar 2007
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Posted: 22nd Oct 2014 04:28
@Rezalt, if it works as I believe it does, it should handle all the details of whether a new score should make it into the highscores list at all, and if so, which position it should be located.
All you have to do is submit every new score to the site, and download a fresh new copy of the (possibly) updated top 10 list.

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Joined: 28th Feb 2014
Posted: 7th Nov 2014 17:57
Great work Phaelax, simple and easy to implement.

I didn't see an answer before but would you like credit posted on the highscores page in the app?
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Joined: 8th Sep 2011
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Posted: 21st Nov 2014 17:17 Edited at: 21st Nov 2014 17:20
Phaelax, just tried adding another game to the website but its not allowing me too. It looks it working (no error or anything), but the new game is not being added to my list. The game name i unique (as far as I can tell) so am not sure what the issue is - all fields were filled out...

Many thanks!

EDIT: Scrap that! Tried again and now it works... Must have been doing something wrong! Sorry! Once again, thank you for hosting this, it is excellent!
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Posted: 31st Jan 2015 19:14
This is exactly what I needed for my games, a simple and easy to use system.
Thanks for this, and I wish I had seen it sooner.

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