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FPS Creator X10 / New to the whole thing. Need a little help

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Joined: 1st Apr 2014
Posted: 1st Apr 2014 23:25
Hy, guys.

After reading tons of tutorials and watching all the videos I could, I made my first humble game. But have some questions. I read somewhere in this forum I could edit setup.ini and buildsetup.ini files for better graphics and resolution. Ok, I've found the setup.ini (in two folder: inside "FPS X10 Files" and in "documents"), but can't find the builsetup.ini.
Also, my setup.ini doesn't have the lines for width and height. I had to add them myself.
Anyway, do I have to modify both setup.ini? And where the hell is the buildsetup.ini located? Maybe it will be created after building my first game, IDK.
Thanks in advance for taking your time reading this, and have a good one you all.

I'm doomed!
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Joined: 24th Feb 2010
Location: Norway
Posted: 8th Apr 2014 16:42
I do believe the setup.ini optimizes for your screen. The build game setup.ini is located inside the Files folder. FPSC x9's setup.ini can be changed for better graphics, but I do believe you don't need to change anything on your x10 one. Just build game with full graphics and full lightning.

- Nic

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