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3 Dimensional Chat / Making Textures from Photographs

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Joined: 20th May 2011
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Posted: 2nd Apr 2014 06:31 Edited at: 2nd Apr 2014 06:35
So I originally thought it'd be all nice and cool to use photographs in my game, to cut down on texture work. Then I realized that with different lighting on different sides of a building, it'd be near impossible to do. I'd ideally just like to take a photo of a storefront and slap it on the side of a cube, ha.

I attached an example photograph - so if I wanted to use this building as a base design, I'd just use the brick as a repeating background and position the other extracted elements over it?

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Posted: 2nd Apr 2014 15:09
Pretty much how it is done, remember to place secondary textures a pixel in depth above the previous texture or you get umm clipping? Z-depth related issues...

Like a layer cake basically...

If that makes sense...

Alternatively you can bake the textures into a single image...

Remember ^2 for image sizes so instead of 250x250 it should be more like 256x256...

Better memory management that way...

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Posted: 2nd Apr 2014 22:39
You'd be much better of taking individual pictures of what you want to make, much more close up, and then make it seamless - and make sure you do it on a cloudy day, less weird light that way

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Posted: 10th Apr 2014 17:51 Edited at: 10th Apr 2014 17:53
Hi my fellow midwesterner
Be sure not use your camera's flash, stand at a distance and zoom in to avoid getting strange fish-eye effects.
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Posted: 9th May 2014 03:27

Own photo's (no flashing/ sun) are cool to use in your own programs.

I made a simple example of a container (just a box). I made it with wings. Took 2 pictures of the container. Only the front and the side. Forgot to take a picture of the back.

But in my game the camera doesn't have to go around the contaier (the example program does, its the game).

Just google for texture uv-mapping wings3d tutorials.

I exported it as an 3ds file and than convert it with the DBConf

The container is free to use for everyone.

Also take al look at the picture of my powersupply made pictures of it. Just used a box and a cylinder. Simple stuff, funny to do.

show us some pictures of your work!




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