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FPSC Classic Showcase / Cave Arena - Multiplayer Fpsc game

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Joined: 6th Jan 2014
Posted: 3rd Apr 2014 10:35
This game is a first person view game. It is a shooter game where all 6 players verse in a map that is in a cave. The game is called "Cave Arena".
( If you have any problems, contact me on here or on my g-mail at )

This game will be read as a unkown program to your antivirus program, so don't be alarmed, this is not a virus. I have a forum about this if you need to know more =
And to run the game you (MIGHT need it, MIGHT ;3) need DirectX 9.0c =
DirectX helps other games you want play too! :3

Here are some screen shots -

Credits -
This game was made with FPS creator
Some sounds were found from
Game Made by Yoshondue or also known as "Andy Allen"
Drawing at start was made by Yoshondue or "Andy Allen"

Do not say this game or any of it's content is yours ITS YOSHONDUE"S!

Game Instructions -
This game must be extracted from the ZIP file before loading it up.
Make sure to read the other txt files in the root of this folder to!

Use hamachi ip's with this hamachi program
click on "unmanaged" and check the little check box below the download button

Or Portforward the number "2303" into your internet router.
If you do not know how to get into your router, contact your router helper. (or ask me, i can help)
Or use hamachi instead.

When you try to join a game there is no cursor on the join screen.
You have to type the Ip's of the peoples servers you want to join that you see on
the screen.

Controls -
shift=run faster
1-9 or scroll = switch weapon
esc= pause
tab=fps and kills
enter=finish typing

Here is the link to the game =
(You have to tell your friends [if you want to ;3] because not everyone knows this is out yet and if you want to play with them so they know about it and enjoy it.) If you want to play with me, email me or let me know on here!

I hope you guys will try out the game and enjoy it! Again, if there is any problems, contact me here or my email.[img]null[/img]

I am Yoshondue, i love Fps creator projects. I love to chat online and i do draw and advert my drawins on Deviantart.

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