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Bug Reports / Debug wrong behaviour?

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Joined: 28th Mar 2014
Posted: 6th Apr 2014 17:53
1st: When I try to use the
Quote: "Compile & Run in Step-Through mode"
, then compiler becomes at irregular points unresponsive the moment you do something with the screen (draw, clear, load bitmap) and gives the error:
Quote: "Compilation failed. No exe created"
. When closing the debug window, you see less of a second the screen as it should be.
When running in normal mode there is no problem and with
Quote: "Compile & Run in Debug mode"
it's something in between: It does run, but after the program has finished, It gives the error message
Quote: "Compilation failed. No exe created"
2nd: It seems to ignore every breakpoint in every mode.
And 3rd: When pressing
Quote: "Play Program"
in the step-through mode, you would expect it to run like in Debug mode, but it looks like it behaves it the same way as
Quote: "Step Program"
There is some mention of the debug in the help file, but not very clear and with wrong screenprints and menu options.:\'(

System Specs:
Windows 7 64-bit sp1
Intel I5-3470 Quad core 3.2 GHz
16 Gb intern
MSI NVidia GT630 4GB driver:335.23
DB update level: 7.62

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