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FPSC Classic Scripts / setuplevel.FPI ;lifes ;health

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Joined: 12th Oct 2011
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Posted: 8th Apr 2014 09:22
Can't figure out why when I rem out setuplevel.FPI ;lifes ;health lines and with TEST or a BUILT level all I see when the game starts is the Setup Game Menu screen!

The game skips all other code and jumps to the Setup Game Menu lines and runs that.

What am I doing wrong?

My setuplevel.FPI

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Posted: 8th Apr 2014 23:10 Edited at: 8th Apr 2014 23:11
I ran your "setuplevel.fpi" in my source, and the only issue I saw was my pointer was constantly visible. That was because of this line...

The pointer should only be visible when you press ESC to access the menu. In order for that, it should have been...

It was missing the "hudhide=1" command to hide the pointer until needed.

It did run on both my test level and build once I fixed the pointer. I had to point to images I had on my end, but I never saw the menu page come up at all unless I pressed ESC.

There's no problem that can't be solved without applying a little scripting.

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