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FPSC Classic Scripts / A Gift for those that Like things that go BOOM

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Joined: 12th Oct 2011
Location: Totally over the Rainbow
Posted: 20th Apr 2014 09:18 Edited at: 20th Apr 2014 09:36
For years I have benefited from the thousands of threads with help and advice. So I decided it was time to give something back.

Not in the magnificence and grandeur of NorthernFox or S4real, Cosmic or Rolfy Tax78 or others, But it is cool to me.
This is BlowBomb_leaveNothing.txt

While trolling I found TodeGamer Explosive Scripts pack
CrazyScifiPack, and NorthernFox script list and put them and others together.
Items needed
1. a brick or two of C4
2. Something to Blow up
3. A few edited scripts
4. Trigger Zone
5. Commander's script pack




I will try and post a video.. Video

Tax 78
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Joined: 23rd Sep 2009
Location: Italy
Posted: 1st May 2014 21:43
Hello, thanks for your contribution, you always need special scripts.

Thank you, Tax

Sorry but I use a translator
Seth Black
FPSC Reloaded TGC Backer
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Joined: 22nd Feb 2005
Location: Pittsburgh, PA
Posted: 2nd May 2014 01:18

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