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FPSC Classic Scripts / I need help... Im a newbie [HeadBobbing, and about the doors, and how to use the pointer to interact with things]]

The New Guy Who Is A noob
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Joined: 7th Jun 2014
Posted: 7th Jun 2014 15:24
Question 1

Hey guys im new here... and uh I was wondering how the guy who made REC Shutter do the headbob... and the other cam effects... so how do you make the player move like that?

Question 2

Is there anyway how i can reduce the speed of opening the door? it just seems too fast that it kills the mood...

Question 3

how do you open doors by clicking them? and how do you pick up items by clicking them?

I really hope someone can help me... sorry for the questions.. im just a really helpless newbie

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Joined: 19th Feb 2012
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Posted: 8th Jun 2014 20:44
Hi "The New Guy"
Quote: " do the headbob... and the other cam effects"

It's done thru scripts using various "conditions & actions". Good place to start is reading thru the Official Comm. Guide in your "Docs" folder. Also grab a copy of the "syntax" list here..

Quote: "reduce the speed of opening the door"

Right click "door" brings up properties settings. Reduce the speed value.

Quote: "open doors by clicking them"
Again it's done thru scripting. As in when the player is "within" a certain distance
of "door" your script would use "mouse click/mouse state" to open the door. Also do a search on "Cinematic Hands".
best luck

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