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FPSC Classic Scripts / Ragdoll - how can I avoid fps drops?

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Joined: 24th May 2010
Posted: 15th Jun 2014 15:32
I'm using these two scripts for ragdoll and then fade (2,5 and 10 seconds), but as the characters get killed, i get a drop of ~10-15 fps until the corpses disappear... is there anything wrong with them?

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Posted: 15th Jun 2014 21:40
The scripts are fine. It is how the engine processes the ragdoll "animations" that is the issue. We too get an FPS drop when an AI is killed and then returns when the character is either faded out or suspended. We run an older version, but I have tested on v1.20 just to be sure and the FPS drop also is present during that one process.

Nothing that you can really do, except of course be careful not to have too many AI's at once. For example, if you have two AI's in a room and 5 in another room and they all are present at the same time, that could also drain the FPS. Spawn the AI's you need right away and use triggers to spawn the ones you don't need right away in places the player will "pass through".

There's no problem that can't be solved without applying a little scripting.

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