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Work in Progress / JumpDrive - Multiplayer Spaceship Simulation - Now on Kickstarter!

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Posted: 5th Jul 2014 08:58
Hey all,

I've just launched my first Kickstarter project, JumpDrive! Link:

Here's the idea...

JumpDrive: Multiplayer Spaceship Simulation

JumpDrive gives players control of a spaceship and then makes them manipulate every system in the ship individually to take off, navigate the planet (and space if the applicable stretch goal is reached!) and deliver cargo, investigate a crashed ship or just plain reach a destination without overheating the forward thrusters, overbalancing the plasma collector or causing a meltdown in the power plant by forgetting to shut it down after landing.

Concept of thruster control panel - this is very close to the graphic style I want

The Game

You only have 2 minutes to get your refrigerated cargo to Drop Point Alpha. You made it this far just fine, but as you entered the planet's atmosphere pirates put a hole in your fuel supply line and you only have 3% left. How will you make it? Will you keep going as you are, and hope you have enough fuel left? Will you push the lift thrusters to full to get up where the gravity is lower and hope you can fall slowly enough? Will you maybe shut down all unnecessary systems to conserve power, even so far as to turn off the refrigeration unit and hope the cargo doesn't spoil before you arrive?

That's just one example of what you might face in JumpDrive, and it's the game I want to create. I'm a huge fan of FTL, but you can only play alone. I also thoroughly enjoy playing SpaceTeam with my brother and sisters, sitting around in a circle on beanbags with tablets, screaming, yelling and laughing at each other. JumpDrive is kinda like a mix of FTL and SpaceTeam, only with way more control over internal ship systems than FTL.

You'll be able to fly smaller ships by yourself, but you'll need your friends' help in the larger ones. Get them to join your game, and one of them might handle navigation, one might handle scanners and detection and one might handle weapons and targeting. On the other hand, you might try to fly a larger multi-person ship by yourself. This will be totally possible and allowed, but it'll be hard and you'll have to be a skilled pilot.

There's a whole heap more information (including more concept pictures) on the Kickstarter page itself, including the key features of the game.

Even if you don't want to pledge, sharing the project on Facebook, Twitter and elsewhere would be very helpful and greatly appreciated!

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