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3 Dimensional Chat / WIP Content 2014

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Joined: 1st Jan 2008
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Posted: 5th Aug 2014 00:15 Edited at: 5th Aug 2014 00:16
Hello everyone, for anyone that remembers me, hola!

For everyone else hello, my names Jake! I used to frequent these boards quite a bit back in 2008-2010 but sadly real life took priority (I know, it sucks) but after finally winding up in a stable job that i actually enjoy, i have reinstalled my 3ds max, and started doing some 3D work again, very rusty after 2 years off the game, but hopefully i can pick it all back up again, lets find out.

PS: If anyone who remembers me sees this, please give me a shout, very interested to see who is still around!

Anyway, content. Below is just a speed model i created in around 2 hours, trying to relearn the program a bit and get my workflow back. I might consider doing a low poly and texture it, depends how well the finished product turns out.

There is no real reference model scope, purely from a couple of google images mashed together and a bit from imagination, I still need to work in some more fine detailing and see where it goes from there, comments welcome as always.

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Posted: 15th Aug 2014 20:45 Edited at: 30th Aug 2014 07:46
Solid work man, are you going to add some wear and scratching in the high poly or leave it to a texture?

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Joined: 8th Nov 2007
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Posted: 30th Aug 2014 02:10
Quote: "a stable job that i actually enjoy"

Its stable and you enjoy it?? Where can I download such a job?

That scope is flawless however. Do you plan to model anything to mount it on?


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Posted: 15th Oct 2014 23:54 Edited at: 15th Oct 2014 23:55
Ha damn, yeah we frequented here around the same era from what I remember. This is looking real solid, nice to see people progressing. Might want to look at some of your edges being too sharp if you\'re gong to make the model.

I'm not sure how active this board is anymore seeing as this thread hasn't seen action in a bit but hey, if you ever see this. Yo!

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