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FPSC Classic Scripts / I need help with a boss.

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Joined: 12th Aug 2014
Posted: 12th Aug 2014 15:53
So I made it so the German zombie 4 on the zombie apocalypse pack is
about 300 in scale for a boss, I set his stats perfectly, I got the guns to pick up at the start to kill it with, I even got music.

The problem is that he is the only thing I want in the level to kill so I win, I've tried about 2 codes people have posted around but nothing seems to work, even isobjective.

Everything I've tried just does nothing, he just sits there and dies and I don't win, I really want this boss and I don't want to scrap the idea.

Thanks and b-bye!
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Joined: 9th Aug 2014
Location: Gerrrrrrmany
Posted: 13th Aug 2014 13:59
Try out with the score variable, for example set scoregoal in Player to 1, and set the score for the Zombie to 1, it should work then.
PS: Sorry for my bad english
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Joined: 19th Feb 2012
Location: Hendersonville,NC
Posted: 13th Aug 2014 20:22 Edited at: 13th Aug 2014 20:41
Quote: "nothing seems to work, even isobjective"

Seems to be working fine for me. Just tested a simple map
with several characters. Set one to "isobjective=1". Killed
that character, game ended. Look into other possible problems.
Do you have a "win zone" also in the level?
I'm using 1.20

My games never have bugs. They just develop random features..

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