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Work in Progress / [WIP] ATCsimulator3D (TOWER CAB) First Look videos

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Joined: 20th May 2009
Location: Oklahoma City OK (USA)
Posted: 19th Aug 2014 04:32 Edited at: 19th Aug 2014 04:45
Here is an early morning session showing the overall program design.

Here is the same session, a little later in the morning with much more arrival traffic.

Here is a daytime session.

Keep in mind, there are still some texturing left to complete for both buildings and aircraft. There is also a button interface that needs to be implemented so controlling can actually performed.
Chris Tate
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Posted: 27th Aug 2014 21:26
Nice new vocal effects, a good enhancement.

Ever thought about making an edugame out of this?

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Joined: 20th May 2009
Location: Oklahoma City OK (USA)
Posted: 3rd Sep 2014 05:02
Thanks Chris!
Well, the game most likely will join my other in the world of academia where ATC is taught. I plan to interface this with ATCsimulator2, my TRACON (terminal approach control) simulator.

In the meantime, I've got a serious problem that I cannot get paste. Perhaps you can help. It is in regards to sprite priority.

My pushbutton interface is to be used to issue commands to aircraft. I worked on the interface outside of the game for about a week until I had it working just like I wanted. It is using sprites for the pushbuttons, and detecting a collision to know when the interface should change. But, now that I have added it to my overall design, the collision detection is not working. I have toyed with priorities of all of the elements and cannot find a combination that works at all. So, here is the overall design. Perhaps you know of the proper way to handle this.

1. The backdrop is the 3d scene.
2. The next layer is a sprite of the strip bay.
3. The next layer is a strip (sprite) on top of the strip bay.
4. The next layer is a box (sprite) that contains the pushbutton interface background over the selected strip.
5. The next layer is the pushbuttons themselves as sprites inside the interface container.

The mouse (also a sprite of a pencil) should only respond to a collision between it and the pushbutton sprites.

The only collision being detected, is the mouse sprite with #2; the strip bay sprite.

I am at a loss to figure out the problem. HELP!

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