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FPSC Classic Showcase / The Escape

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Posted: 2nd Sep 2014 15:33 Edited at: 21st Sep 2015 22:48

Mature rating: Teen. 15+

Story: You wake up in a hospital That got abandoned because of an infection. You're a doctor and was with a patient you were working with, but you were hit by a door that slammed into your face by some infected, deformed, looking person. Everything blacked out and you woke up after everyone left and now you have to find a way out for yourself. be careful though, that scene of that deformed person was not only one, there are multiple of those people that seem infected.


The Escape 1.1: Download

The Escape 1.2: Download

The Escape 1.3: Download

Glitches -
Zombies can hit you through walls and doors.
Sometimes zombies can push themselves through doors.
The guns work in every level except the first level its low damage in level one.
The soldiers in the forth level cant shoot you from above.
Sometimes zombies and soldiers get stuck on other textures of the floor.
Sometimes when your very low on health the redness will not display.
The military zombies need better textures.
Sometimes when pausing the game, it glitches.
Sometimes the models don't die correctly.


Controls -
W,s,a,d= Move around
R = Reload
e = open
ctrl = crouch
shift = sprint
esc = pause
space = jump
tab = fps
1-9 or scroll = switch
0 = put away
, . = brightness (Not recommended it will ruin the fun of the dark in-game.)
mouse = look
click = shoot

I am a friendly dev!~ ^o^

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