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FPSC Classic Scripts / Umans Zone Activate an Entity on entering zone

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Joined: 12th Oct 2011
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Posted: 5th Oct 2014 01:03
Any one figured this one out for V2.0?

I am going nuts here trying to get this worked out.

One would think this would work easy. Granted with issues but the entity's appearing and disappearing.

I tried adding 341 no blob shadow

I tried to use 341 no blob shadow to hide the entity's at distance as that is what I was after in the first place.

I am wondering if the activateifused has changed from 117 to 120 but then I have no clue.

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Posted: 5th Oct 2014 01:57
The original script of Uman's works exactly as it should (at least in v1.17). I cannot speak for other versions as I no longer test in anything except v1.17. A quick glance at the sources (v1.18 and v1.19) did not reveal anything that may have broken the idea. As far as v1.20 and the removal of the "shadow", all I can say is I do not get a "shadow" appearing in v1.17 at all, so no idea where that comes into play.

When using the script and concept, ensure you follow the instructions Uman has outlined. He has a screenshot of the properties for the entity you are using, which is key to getting it to work correctly. Item must be dynamic, etc... All I can say is it works perfectly and we use the concept throughout all our developments.

Check to see where you are attaching your script(s). If you use his script (spawndestroy.fpi), note that you need to use a trigger zone and you must put in the name of the entity in the "If Used" field of the trigger to activate that entity. Also ensure the script attached to the entity (ex. spawndestroy.fpi) is placed in the "Start", the "Main" should be "default.fpi", and no destroy script is specified. At least that is how he outlined it and that is how we have used it without fail.

There's no problem that can't be solved without applying a little scripting.
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Joined: 12th Oct 2011
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Posted: 5th Oct 2014 06:19
Issues.. v120.. loaded 119 and think there are trailing's somewhere in files the downloaded 119 upgrade editor is displaying improperly. will advise.
Thanks// It used to work perfectly//

Kinda like me.. so says my daughter.

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Posted: 6th Oct 2014 16:05
If you want to remove the blob shadow then you can replace the blob shadow image with a transparent image.

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Joined: 12th Oct 2011
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Posted: 7th Oct 2014 08:39
Thanks.. However what I am unsuccessfully trying to do is stop the character re-spawn.

(( trying to save some frame-rate and extend level at the same time.. My theory is this.

Set spawn at start = No
Max at any time = 1
Maximum Spawn = 99

then set two triggers one to start the spawn with playerinzoneactivateifused and 2nd trigger at the other end to turn the spawn OFF.

So far after 2 weeks of study, experiments, and testing I have failed.

I had high hopes for
this, spawnon

granted it does not work, (yet) the the idea is to set a variable in the triggers or the characters appear script of 0 and at the other end of the gauntlet set the second script that increases the variable by one to stop the spawning.

and at other end

The reasoning is thus.. If you have 20 to 40 random creatures with 5 to 10 hitpoints attacking, you need them to stop spawning and not have even one spawned before the player arrives at the next assault of creatures.

Yes I can do it with many many triggers with only a few creatures being spawned and track the players movement so that when the player clears that area in the level there are only 1 or 2 creatures being spawned as they leave. But that slows the game to a crawl requiring many more levels.

In simple terms how to turn a trigger off and later turn it back on to dispense more joy.

You would think that would be the first thing that FPSC would have programmed into all triggers. 0-oFF 1=oN

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