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Geek Culture / Greatest Glitch of All Time

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Posted: 20th Oct 2014 16:19

My question, how is this even possible from a programming point of view?

Thats way more than a physics explosion. It's like the ship was suddenly treated as if it was under water. Everyone on the ship was treated the same but visually there position didn't change. They all drowned and floated to what would be the surface expect cause of there actual position in world space they just floated to the sky. My theory, the ship thought it was a person for a sec since it moved similar. But how the water acts, I guess the water is programmed to deform to the ship, the ship suddenly being forced down cause the water polys latched to do the same. Well that's one idea.

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Posted: 20th Oct 2014 18:10
I smell rushed development...

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Posted: 20th Oct 2014 18:18
From a programmer named Hodgman:
Quote: "I found another old screenshot (or photo on my phone...) of an early "IK" / "look at an object" system.

This is what happens when you try to accumulate relative rotations in a matrix (instead of making the matrix from scratch each frame, or renormalizing it periodically).
The matrix represents both scale and rotation in the same variables, so over time, numerical errors in the rotation accumulate and begin to affect the scale"

From a programmer named DekuTree64:
Quote: "The greatest bug I've ever witnessed was when I was working on Sims 2 DS. We had this thief character whose getaway vehicle is a shopping cart, which is spawned some distance away from him and races toward him, he jumps in, and rides off. But due to a combination of steering code, obstacle avoidance, and high speed, the cart ended up orbiting him at a long distance, trying to turn toward him but then moving forward so it needed to turn more. Every few seconds, you'd see the cart zip past on the horizon."

The exact same issue described by DekuTree64 in my game PonyCraft:

Actual footage of Brasil (vs Germany):

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mr Handy
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Posted: 20th Oct 2014 22:41

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Posted: 21st Oct 2014 03:08
My guess is that the ship spawned at the bottom of the ocean due to some bug. The water deforms around the ship visually to make it look nicer (when the ship is at the appropriate coordinates). However, the physics of the water is always at the same height because we don't need to be fancy here. So in the physics engine the ship was under water making the people drown and then float to the surface. Once the people floated to the right height they were simply rendered at y + floaty distance, but y changed since they were programmed to be onboard the ship and the ship was rising, so the people were lifted into the sky.

Van B
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Posted: 21st Oct 2014 13:45
Perhaps the people rising to heaven is caused by glitch avoidance - like if a character gets stuck in level geometry, you could effectively raise them up until they get free and can move again.

My favorites are usually in the Battlefield games, weird googly eyes and hyper-extended limbs are always funny - the 360 version of BFMC has a lot of issues like that, and it was always a good laugh.

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mr Handy
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Posted: 21st Oct 2014 21:50
arma 2 bugs are funny too.

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Posted: 24th Oct 2014 03:44
The music and bodies floating upwards - how touching lol

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Daniel TGC
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Posted: 3rd Nov 2014 15:26

That doesn't look like a glitch to me, it looks like an easter egg. I imagine someone on the development team had a sense of humour! It looks far too organised with the ship coming up like that.

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