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AppGameKit/AppGameKit Studio Showcase / [WIP] 2d engine teaser

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Posted: 23rd Oct 2014 16:58 Edited at: 24th Oct 2014 09:19
This is my second big project after Nano Canvas i built some really small apps just for fun but on this i spend most of the day there are plenty of bugs known and yet to be found its a slow process but a very good one.

so , the land which the player walks on are Lines that connect to each other and can be manipulated , the player can also walk on static/dynamic sprites.

game play is not yet planted since this is the editor side of the engine so no cool mechanics yet.

you can create trees and manipulate them , also create and add foliage like flowers and grass ...
the idea behind this project is to be able to present decent graphics and decent game play attributes , so the entire engine works like it wants you to play with it.

cant seem to embed it
heres a link

haliop out.
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Posted: 24th Oct 2014 10:56
Looks like a fun way to build levels. Nice work
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Posted: 24th Oct 2014 14:12
yeah that was the point, i wanted a fun way to create levels rather then the normal method of thinking .. just "draw" the level or so..
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Posted: 26th Nov 2014 20:36 Edited at: 26th Nov 2014 20:36
new video showing explosions

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