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AppGameKit/AppGameKit Studio Showcase / [Released] [Android] Tiger Tanks VS

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Joined: 12th Aug 2010
Posted: 3rd Nov 2014 02:07 Edited at: 3rd Nov 2014 02:24
I released my first completed game to Google Play this Sunday afternoon!
(how do I show you an image?!)
As simple as it is: it took me almost 7 months to finish!

Story time
(I thought I'd give any info I can for people looking to learn)
I tried to set my sights on something achievable at my level. It has taken months of (lazy) work. I felt like giving up many times, but it was important to me to prove I was able to see the project through to the end.

The aim was to create a game that 2 people can enjoy together, because to me it has always seemed there aren't enough games that allow the type I'm looking for.
Now because I can't manage network connectivity at all, I had to come up with a game that could be played on one device. This game is the result, and I think it does alright!

Wot I lurned:
1)Spend more time thinking. Plan your game to death. Figure out as much as you possibly can on paper. Otherwise you get stuck in dev limbo, wondering how you will make the game fun.
2)Don't make something you dont like: development will seem slow and never ending.
3)When coding, dont be afraid to work the idea out on paper. And remember google.
4)Nobody at all finds your app if you don't tell them, or go full flappy and use bots.
5)Compressing images even the smallest amount will drastically reduce the space they take.
6)Play store release checklist is extremely intimidating and tedious.

Special Thanks! to the community and...
baxslash For the forum threads, without which, I would still be struggling to position sprites
Hockeykid for streamlining the release process for making sfx easy.

(will update when I think of more)
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Joined: 19th Jul 2013
Posted: 3rd Nov 2014 10:36
Digging the artwork mate , looks like a fun and interesting game
and I would just like to add support for ur comments and say YES
everything definitely comes down to good design , working it out on paper first gives u a direction and a goal to reach for once u start coding , good on u

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Posted: 4th Nov 2014 15:51
Great work, my pleasure for any help I've provided

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