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FPSC Classic Scripts / problems with awesome flashlight script.

I love dark games
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Joined: 19th Jan 2013
Posted: 11th Nov 2014 18:10
Here is a link to an awesome flashlight script found in these forums. The post is old and closed. Everything works great other than the fact the the flashlight works before you acquire the batteries. When you get the batteries it just activates a hud that begins to drain the batteries. The flashlight will work forever with no battery hud if you dont pick up batteries. Any ideas. I have looked at the scripts but am not good at coding.

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Posted: 12th Nov 2014 02:53 Edited at: 13th Nov 2014 13:39
I love dark games
I checked out the scripts, and they work as intended with just a few adjustments. First, which version are you using. I'm V1.20_1.14 (no mods) If your using one of the newer mods it may not work? (haven't tested it yet)
Did you follow the instructions carefully? (Important with naming the entities correctly)
Also, open the scripts and change all "timers" from timerstart/timergreater to etmerstart/etimergreater!
Lastly, I placed my "dynamic" light outside the playable area
of the bldg. Is yours an indoor setting or outside?

Edit: just tested with S4real's Z-mod and works just fine.
One thing I did notice you have to set the "dynamic" light
to a radius of "1" or more, not zero. It doesn't work
right when set to zero for some reason.

My games never have bugs. They just develop random features..

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