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AppGameKit/AppGameKit Studio Showcase / [Wip]Animatoon : paint appli

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Posted: 20th Nov 2014 21:19 Edited at: 14th Dec 2014 18:48


In 2009, I have created a little software to draw and paint.
I have tried to do an equivalent with AGK.

Animatoon is a painting/drawing application.


It will be a free application (windows, android).

Platform :
For the moment, it's only available for PC (tested under windows 8).
Tested with Wacom graphire4 (on windows8). It works, but I haven't the pressure. I don't think there is a plugin system in AppGameKit (which could work with a .dll for example)

I have tried an android version. It works, but I hope to test with a stylus because AppGameKit doesn't work with the S-pen (stylus) of my Galaxy note 10.1.


Those features are OK :

Version 0.32 (14 dec 2014)

File : loading during save, message to not save over an existing document. Save : add a preview for the gallery.

Tools : Eraser (with shader), new tools (ellipse, line, radialline, scale, rotate, miror H, miror V, resetview...), toolset (group of tools (zoom : zoom+/-/reset, shape (box, ellipse, line, radialline..)).

UI : F4 fullscreen or not,shortcuts b (brush), e (eraser), G (box), z (zoom), h (hand)

Brush bank : name fo the brush, new panel to change the parameters of the brush (size, rotation, random, alpha, dynamic, color,fade, water..), add a little preview to see the futur brush.

Brush : new parameters : rotation, rndsize, sizew, sizeH, viscosity, smooth, rndalpha.

Layer : lock alpha (we paint and don't change the alpha chanel), lock move, lock paint

Options : save and load the parameter of the eraser.

Version 0.22 (25 nov 2014)

- File : save (animatoon document=txt file + layers in png), open an Animatoon document, screen "Infos", screen "Preference" (empty for the moment)

- Gallery : add a sort of gallery, where you see all your projects. You can choose one and open it, to modify this project (add layer, change color, paint...)

- Tools : box & gradient, pan, zoom

- Brush : the pas (space between dots) and the scatter are now linked to the size of the brush.

- color selector : add the BG and FG color (for gradient for example)

- Layers : merge, opacity, name

- Corrections : a lot of bugs ^^.

Version 0.18 (21 nov 2014)
- File : new, save (only the layers in png), export (png with all layers merged)

- tools : painting, picker, move the layer.

- Paning (with space + move) and zooming too

- color selector (not finished)

- Brush editing : you can change some parameters for the brush. The parameters which can be changed : size, rotation jitter, fill ("flux", sort of alpha), brush image, color, color mix, pas (space between dot).

- Brush editor (and bank presets) : you have a lot of premade tools : pencils, charcoal, watercolor, oil, acrylics, pen, splatters, fx...
In the futur brush editor, you will be able to change a lot of others parameters (fade alpha/size/color, random alpha/size/color (HSL), ...)

- layer : add, delete, move up, movedown, visible, lock, add an image on the layer


- New Ui (tool at the top, layer and swatch on the right, options (tools) on the left)

ok - Gallery where we can find our documents (with preview)
ok - open an animatoon document (with info and layer)
ok - save the complete document (with layers informations)
ok - Open an image on the current layer
ok - credits
ok - options saved /load
- preferences

ok - fade in/ out : alpha, size
ok - color mixing, viscosity : need improvements
ok - general : size minimum, sizeW, sizeH, rotation
ok - Jitter (random): size, alpha
ok - blend : need improvements (shader)
ok - add water
- shader (?)
- paper normal-map to simulate the rough/grain of the paper
- add dot[] for undo/redo and bezier curve for the line (I don't know how to do bezier curve in agk ^^)
- brush animated : add multi image to create a more interesting brush

ok - eraser
ok - Scale of the layer
ok - rotation of the layer
ok - miror H and V of the layer
ok - line ; need improvements
ok - box (gradient)
ok - ellipse
ok - radial line
- speed line
- box selection

- symmetry (H - V)

ok - merge to botom layer
ok - opacity of the layer
ok - name the layer
- alpha chanel mask (?)
- duplicate layer
- blendmode (normal, add, multiply If I find how to do that)
- adjustement layer : invert
- adjustement layer : blur
- adjustement layer : saturation
- adjustement layer : brightness, contrast

- rotate the document (90°-180°...)
- scale the document
- miror the document (H, V)
- cut, copy, paste selection

SWATCH/color selector
- more color selector style
- Swatchs, addcolor, delete color
- roughboard

Version 0.32 :

Version 0.22 :

Version 0.18 :


Windows (animatoon 0.32):

Thank you for watching
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Joined: 17th Feb 2014
Location: Arkeos
Posted: 14th Dec 2014 18:32

Here is the first version of Animatoon .

Please note that this version isn't finished, but all the features presents should work ^^.


Bank for brush preset (clic on the "brush icone", near the color selector)

Windows :

For the moment, the version isn't finished, I have some Bugs I have to fixe.

- because we can't use the pressure or dll, for the moment, the pressure of the tablet isn't used.
- if you use a wacom or other tablet, go in the board and change "stylus mode" to "mouse mode". It's not great with small tablet, but it work ^^.

Brush engine
- the brush engine isn't finished, the mixing color will be changed to be more "smoothed".

- the shortcuts are the same as in other graphic appli : B (brush, E (eraser), G (box/ellipse/line/radialline...), space to move the canvas, z (zoom), H (hand), F4 : fullscreen, Ctrl+S, Ctrl+O, Ctrl+N, escape (quit)


Known bugs
- in some case, we can't select the last layer (I have to found why ^^)
- the tool "line" isn't finished
- the color selector isn't finished too
- the transform tools aren't finished (scale, rotate...) and because of rendertoImage()/getImage()/SaveImage() bug, it isn't very great to use it a lot.

AGK bugs
- the rendertoimage draw a border on the stroke on the layer
- the getimage() or saveimage() add a white border on the image saved. I have to found another way to save the image of the layer without that border ^^.

If you find a bug, please post a comment to help to reproduce the bug .

I hope you'll like it .
Yes, AGK2 is amazing !
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Posted: 14th Dec 2014 23:02
That's pretty cool!!

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Posted: 16th Jan 2015 01:43
Hi there, not tried it yet but looks very impressive.
Did you code this with Tier1 or Tier2.

I am currently coding a kids colouring book at the minute called Colour Splash and have got as far as completing the flood fill routine and am now researching commands to draw to the screen and copy to screen.
I have only had AGK2 a few days but have created the game before in DBPro, however AGK2 is not as flexible yet as DBPro for drawing commands as far as I can see, eg there doesn't seem to be a draw point for 1 pixel drawn to the screen.

Do you have any tips or are you releasing the code or any part of the code with the title with it being free?

Looking forward to trying this software and I might use it to create some of my background pictures to use in the colouring book.

Take a look at the post for my Colour Splash game to see if I am on the right track lol

AMOS on the AMIGA!

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