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FPSC Classic Scripts / Scripting help

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Joined: 6th Jan 2014
Posted: 1st Dec 2014 10:16
I have been searching for a few forums that had scripts that i use for my Fps creator engine games. The forums i now am looking for are deleted or are in unknown locations because i have been searching for them and it gives me negative results every time i try to search for them.

I know somewhat of fpi scripting but i would rather have someone make it for free (if they want to and when not busy.) and i will give credit for the user's work.

A type of script i want to have the most is that when you enter a new level you have different weapons and all the other weapons you got off the ground, from your spawn position, or from enemies are all gone and you spawn with new weapons in the next level you enter. Is there some kind of script that can allow me to do that? I saw a forum once but i cant find it anymore after searching for countless hours ... :C

Another script i want is when you walk in a trigger zone it opens a door. Again, i searched for countless hours on this one too, but all it gave me was how to close a door with a trigger zone instead of how to open a door with a trigger zone.

Lastly, i want a script that can have someone follow a waypoint and then disappear/die/destroy (GONE) after they reach the end of the way point.


I want a script were i can have a grenade button. You just press g then you throw a grenade and enemies can do that to [when still using their other weapons] (NO MODS!).

Also, is there a way i can have a moving main menu screen with hover buttons?

If there is anyone that knows how to do any of these at all please let me know and at the same time can provide forums with free scripts or can make one for me.

One last thing, the download link to FPSC model maker is broken and i cant use firma, it's too confusing.

I am Andy, i love Fps creator projects and wearing diapers. I love to chat online and i do draw and share (don't edit fuck with my signature!! I dont work for a business) SHARE my drawins on Deviantart.
Sinister Spoon
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Joined: 9th Sep 2008
Posted: 1st Dec 2014 16:26
As one of the threads in this section states 'this is not a request board'

Im not sure your supposed to be posting requests for scripts, and since you claim a basic knowledge of FPSC most of the scripts you asked for can be coded yourself (the door and waypoint ones specifically, the door one doesnt even require any scripting knowledge you just place a triggezone down, give it the plrwithinzoneused.fpi or whatever its called, and put a remote door in your level, give it a name and put its name in the if used field of the trigger zone) super simple stuff.

Id imagine the weapon reset is similarly simple if you look in the docs folder inside \thegamecreators\fps creator\docs you should find some pdf's with most everything you would need to achieve this if its possible, else Id imagine you could reset the players weapons each level and just have them spawn on the ones you want them to collect?

moving main menu is easy since v1.20 has a video backdrop ability (though im told it doesnt work?) and Im sure the GUI x9 builder has the option for hover buttons. else you can use a timer and 20-30 background images and have a script cycle them every few milliseconds to give the illusion of realtime movement

As for entity maker i use entity workshop v2 freely available for a few seconds googling...

I like scripting and some of these are things I eventually intend to work on but unless they already exist or someone has a working example I doubt someones going to take the time to make them specifically for you, espescially when some of them are ridiculously simple that you should be able to make them, I mean I dont want to sound rude as its a common complaint but opening a door with a trigger zone is one of those things thats so simple that if you cant work THAT out...

Just take the time to learn the syntax of fpi, some of the commands are a bit complicated true, but people will be more willing to help you learn and understand so that you dont need to ask for scripts you would be able to make them

Give a man a fish and all that

smoke em if you got em
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Joined: 6th Jan 2014
Posted: 2nd Dec 2014 19:01
@Sinister spoon NO NEED AT ALL to tell me down and tell me wrong and tell me where i should be. I posted in the right forum, right time, and i have no patients for your UK language of corrections and predictions. and i did google for modeling programs, but i want to make segments and i looked {[LITERALLY LOOKED All around for]} information on how to make segments for days now man, no need to tell me, "Oh you just gotta put the jelly on when you cant find it because you ran out". *metaphor* Like that! no need to be predictable of the rules respect and research.


Any way, thank your for letting me know that i could use, "plrinzoneactivatedifused.fpi" to open a remote door. I will try that.

I have a lot of knowlage about fps creator and know all the files from top of the developers heads to the bottom of their toes. *Metaphor*. I just don't know how to model very well, and script in a proper way. But i know about 60% knowledge in the fpi scripting.


Sorry for the temper and madness... I will search on google now and on if i cant find anything... This will be my last of forum posts.

I am developing a huge game, taking time, making a story, adding cutscenes, adding names, custom stuff that is not from the engine, modifying sounds... and using high quality. The game is called, "Violent Terror". I will submit it to a this showcase forum (MAYBE) when it's development and beta testing is finished. Or mainly, i will show it on youtube to bring youtube viewers to the webpage.
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Posted: 19th Dec 2014 21:07
I know some Mods of FPSC support this. There was a script that would store global variables from board to board telling an item or weapon to spawn or disappear based on if it had been picked up before. I can't recall what or where that is though.


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