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Geek Culture / I still have The 3D GameMaker

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Joined: 1st Apr 2008
Location: Nazareth,Pa USA
Posted: 4th Dec 2014 05:41
Curious,has there ever been any major updates to 3D Gamemaker?

I was just curious. Was going thru the software I have and realized I still have it.
Van B
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Joined: 8th Oct 2002
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Posted: 4th Dec 2014 15:44
Yeah, FPSC, FPSCx10, and FPSC:R

I think TGC wanted 3DGM to be it's own standalone product, not updated by them, but rather the user would migrate onto other systems, like FPSC or DBPro. So you could say that FPSC is the updated version of 3DGM, even though there are no real similarities between them. Any user who outgrows the features of 3DGM should be migrating onto other systems, not waiting on updates to it... I mean 3DGM is designed to give kids a chance to design games and learn some about game development - it was never intended to be a development platform.

Of course, these days there's probably a massive market for a game development system aimed at kids, so you never know, we might even see T3DGM2 (the revenge) at some point. I think that Minecraft has broadened a lot of kids horizons - they see that they don't have to be able to draw like a pro to make a good game. Gotta love Minecraft for educating the kids about what is important in games.

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