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Geek Culture / [LOCKED] Design of a tower defense game

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Joined: 2nd Mar 2014
Posted: 23rd Dec 2014 21:42

I don't know where to post my subject so I post it there. This summer, I've imagined and designed a tower defense game. The design concept seems to be quite original and the levels are challenging.

I havn't any competence in developping game. So I'm looking for a game developer wanting to do the job ! I hope my design concept will convince other ideas like that.

I've posted very quicks drawing of several levels of the game. What are you mind ?
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Posted: 24th Dec 2014 05:57

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Posted: 24th Dec 2014 12:29
Quote: "If you're not capable of doing *something* then we're not willing to accept your team request, and we don't include "being the planner / organiser of the team" as a valid role, sorry. The reason? because that entails you getting everyone else to actually do the work for you, and we despise those sort of team requests the most (second only to "fake company" requests, see rule 3).

Let us put it another way - it's about respect. It doesn't matter if your code isn't the best or your graphics utterly suck, what forum readers will appreciate is the fact that you actually put some effort and time into your project BEFORE you requested help with it. A badly drawn game that actually plays and works with a team request saying "I really need someone to help with graphics / music, here is what I've got working so far" is perfectly allowed - you must actually SHOW what you've got working (and it must be significant), but these sort of requests we like. They show your commitment to the project, the fact you've invested time into it already and they show where you'd like help most of all. They are realistic. We'll approve them.

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